UAE Driving: Renting Exotic Car is Simply Attractive

Do you like travelling? People who prefer car travelling to riding a bus or taxi like comfort. Have you ever tried to drive a lux class car? It feels special to drive a car that you may never see in actual life. Travelling to UAE you should use one of car rental services in Dubai airport. Which car do you prefer? Renting an exotic car in Dubai is closer now! Here are a couple of examples and reasons to think about hiring a luxury automobile. What a big pleasure to drive an exotic car to your first meeting with an important client or just impress your girlfriend.

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Experience an Exotic Cars First Hand

You have an opportunity to take one of those cars from the wheel. There is nothing better than experience them firsthand, choose them where your heart desires. Renting a luxury car is absolutely able now to make your driving dreams come true. The most popular cases when you can definitely rent a lux car are wedding, graduation, unique involvement. The chic car makes your event and celebration more memorable and special.

Be Chic in Dubai!

The most of popular travel destinations (Dubai takes the leading position) started to offer luxury cars for rent. Of course, this sort of car is good for big cities. Such world popular rental companies as Enterprise, Hertz, and others added few of those names to the list of their special offers. Want to know the full list of lux cars for rent available? You may use your mobile car rental app to have it in your phone right now. Why don’t you surprise your friends with the lux weekend? Think about it, UAE is a country where being up-to-date is usual thing. You will like to be chic in Dubai!

Advantages of Exotic Car Leasing Outweigh The Price Tag

Of course, the price for the lux car is higher than it might be. Think of advantages you get with a new car! There are many interesting variants to pay attention to. How about the long-term lease contract? It is cheaper in price! No insurance cost, no registration cost and no maintenance costs. All you need to worry about is…fix your shades and enjoy the moment.

Jaguar C-X17 crossover concept in Dubai


Side of the road

In UAE, the drivers are required to drive on the left hand side of the road, similar to the USA, Canada, some European countries. This is unlike in the UK, India, South Africa and other right-hand driving countries.

Driving License

Guests, who are not UAE residents:

For visitors or tourist it is needed to have the International Driver’s License. You may also use your temporary driver’s license if it is issued by the US, Canadian governments or other European countries, Australia, Japan. It is good for 6 months.


First of all, in the event of an accident in Dubai, the driver must be sure that the vehicle does not block the traffic. In the event of personal injury, the vehicle should not be moved. It is important to know it. In all cases, you have to wait for the police coming to make a police report. The police will at that point determine whether the driver was responsible for the accident.

If the car is no longer drivable after the accident, call the roadside assistance service to replace your car. If your car is drivable, contact your rental car agency immediately. They will organize a replacement car for you ASAP and will advise you through the rest of the process. The police report is mandatory in the cases of accident, remember that! Otherwise you will be held responsible for the entire cost of damage on the vehicle.

Abu Dhabi Police - Lykan Hypersport (Official Press)



It is not a secret, the roads in the UAE are quite safe and it is very much possible to drive here for years without having accidents. What a nice opportunity you have! Just imagine you, driving a lux class car on a high speed flat road! Roads are flat and well maintained. However, since much of the driving is at a relatively high speed (80 KMPH – 120 KMPH), and because of danger of distracted drivers, all road users must pay close attention to road conditions and driver’s condition as well.

It is against the law to drive while distracted. That’s why it is widely recommend that hirers rent cars that have Bluetooth wireless connectivity or aux-in connectivity to avoid being fined while using their phone. Whenever you live, remember, that you can easily be fined for using phone on driving! Don’t worry! The cars in the UAE meet all country requirements. Each car has a fire extinguisher, emergency triangle, emergency kit, spare wheel and jack in the back. In case of emergencies, renters should call our 24/7 Emergency number you get from the rental company you deal with.



Traffic Fines

You can see radars, both stationary and mobile on the both sides of the road here and there. They are monitoring the roads in the UAE. Fines are very heavy – ranging from AED 300 to AED 10,000. So staying within speed limits is recommended. Driving conditions in the UAE can often be quite fast-paced, particularly on some of the highways. It is recommended that driver’s stay alert while driving and avoid all distractions.


The Salik toll system was implemented by Dubai Roads and Transport Authority in 2007. Highways and streets in Dubai are subject to Tolling, referred to as Salik. It’s a usual European practice and it is not new. Every time you pass through a Salik gate, AED 4 ($1.08) is automatically charged from your account each time you pass through a toll gate. AED 1 is charged as an administration cost per crossing when hiring. The total cost including the administration fee per crossing is therefore AED 5. In short, the drivers are required to buy a 100 AED pre-paid card that is affixed to their windscreens.

Technologies for Life: Apps for Your Everyday Routine!

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Chevrolet Camaro SS - the most beautiful rental car



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Happy With Business Going.



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Today, there are many mobile apps that are specifically created for business, leisure and everyday life. These apps help people to have easy access to all they need right here and right now. You can easily buy and pay for products, check your mail, compare prices and recognize the song you like only with tap of your smartphone. Mobile applications are increasingly becoming important tools in our everyday life, study, career. Want to have a stylish look for party? Ask your app!

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